The James-Douglas Cup




The GCGA entered a new era in 2018 with the introduction of the James-Douglas Cup, a season-long points competition offering at Minimum $2000 to the Member with the most Tournament Eligible earned points at the end of the year. The Cup is sponsored by James-Douglas Capital, LLC, a subsidy of James-Douglas Enterprises.


Over the span of at minimum 10 Weekend Warrior Outings and 4 Major events a year, players vie to become the James-Douglas Cup Champion, which distinguishes the one player who not only performs well during the GCGA Season, but also excels through the pressure of the four-Major events leading up to the James-Douglas Cup.

During the GCGA Season, Members earn points based on their results, with a strong emphasis placed on winning and high finishes. Once the GCGA Season concludes, the top-20 players advance to the James-Douglas Cup Tournament which is the last tournament of the year.​


GCGA Season

The GCGA’s James-Douglas Cup competition runs from the May Weekend Warrior Outings through “The Amateurs” tournament. Points are awarded at four levels:

• Recognized GCGA weekend outings each award 10 James-Douglas Cup points.

• The Amateurs Tournament, The GCGA Championship, Tony L. Cunningham Invitational, The GCGA Open Championship will award 100 James-Douglas Cup points to first place winners.

• For each tournament, points will be distributed as follows: (T1) 100; (T2) 75; (T3) 50; (T4) 25; All other participants receive 10 points.


The GCGA Season points standings will NOT carry over to the next James-Douglas Cup Year.

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